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Situated on the northeast coast of New Providence Island, the city is named after William of Orange-Nassau who became king of England in 1688. Nassau's colonial heritage remains in a number of old forts, pastel-colored buildings, and some lovingly restored grand hotels. It is the capital of the Bahamas.

The city itself has been reborn in recent years, due to millions of dollars in civic upgrades. The spruced-up Old World-style plaza – flanked by Nassau’s nineteenth-century parliament buildings – brings a new sense of vibrancy to a downtown that still employs horse-drawn surreys and directs traffic with bobbies in trim white jackets and colorful pith helmets. 

From the Hilton, guests can walk to duty-free shops, the Bay Street Straw Market, and Government House. A five-minute taxi ride leads to championship golf courses, two world-class casinos, and unlimited water sports. 

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