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Do I need a licence to get married in the Bahamas?
Yes, a Bahamas Marriage Licence is required.

Is there a fee for the marriage Licence?
Yes, there is a fee of $40.00. Note however, that all of the required legal fees are included in our package prices.

Would I be able to use my marriage licence from my country?
No, only a Bahamas Marriage Licence is legal in The Bahamas.

Is a blood test required for us to be married in the Bahamas?
No, a blood test is not required.

Can my Pastor perform the ceremony?
Only ministers who are licensed in the Bahamas can perform ceremonies.  However,your pastor may assist the local marriage officer. 

I would like my wedding ceremony performed by a Catholic Priest. Is this possible?
There are certain criteria you must meet, in order to be married by a Catholic Priest. Please Note that Catholics consider Marriage to be a Sacrament. Ceremonies can only take place inside a CATHOLIC CHURCH. We will be happy to forward the requirements you will need.

How long will we need to be in the Bahamas before we can get married?
Both parties must have resided in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas for more than 24 hours prior to the date of the wedding.

We are arriving by cruise ship and will be in the Bahamas for only one day. Can we get married while there?
The Bahamas Marriage License is valid for 3 months. You and your fiance can fly into the Bahamas, for an overnight stay, up to three months prior to your wedding date, We'll apply for your licence the next day. Make sure to arrive no later than Thursday. While here, your Bahamas Wedding Planner will also arrange a site visit and formal planning session with you. Cruise to the Bahamas for your wedding three months later, knowing that all of the legal details have already been taken care of.

Can I apply for the marriage licence by mail?
No, both you and your fiance must apply in person at the Registrars Office.

I would like to get married in the Family Islands, do I need to come to Nassau for a marriage licence?
No, you can obtain the Bahamas Marriage Licence from the local Government's office, on that island.

Can I get married on the weekend?
Yes, you can get married on the weekend, providing you arrive in the Bahamas on Thursday. You can get your license on Friday. Make sure to check your arrival dates with your Bahamas Wedding Planner, as The Registrars Office is closed on weekends and public holidays (Bahamian).

What options do I have for my wedding flowers? Can I bring my own?
Only if they are silk flowers. But why have silk flowers, when you are getting married in The Bahamas, a tropical paradise. Our florists provide the freshest, most beautiful flowers imaginable for your dream wedding. You can choose from tropical bouquets with orchids, gingers and birds of paradise, to more traditional roses, lilies and baby's breath.

Can I have a candlelight ceremony?
In the Islands of the Bahamas, wedding ceremonies must be held during the hours of 6:00am and 6:00pm.

We do not want a "pre-packaged" wedding. Can you help us?
Yes. Your Bahamas Wedding Planner specializes in customized weddings, so you are not limited to choosing a package. Tell us what you want and we will customize a wedding celebration that is "Personally Yours". The Bahamas is our home. Perfectly Planned Weddings is our Specialty!

Will my consultant be present at the ceremony?
Yes. Because of the level of personalized service that we offer here at the British Colonial Hilton, your Bahamas Wedding Planner will escort you for your marriage licence, site inspection and serve as your Personal Wedding Day Director, monitoring all the details that we have coordinated for your wedding celebration.

Would my marriage certificate be legal in my country?
Yes, the Bahamas Marriage Certificate is a legal document issued by the Government of The Bahamas, and is binding worldwide.

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